Sp Earthguard started as a Zuda submission. With two pages on each screen. Unfortunately it was a situation where I’d submitted it just as they were closing up shop, so I never got a chance to compete. SP Earthguard will be updating Saturdays from now till the end of July. After that we’ll see. I’ve already commissioned Wati to draw chapter 2, but after that it’ll be a while between chapters (for financial reasons mostly.) I have six chapters available to produce, but that’s about as far as I can afford to push it. Jak and Mylo are our two main characters here. And I know they look a little like Naruto and Sasuke. That was purposeful. Japanese comics have alot of the same tropes, and a lot of familiar character-types from comic to comic. Writing good genre fiction has always been about knowing the “rules” of that genre and choosing to accept some and deny others. Despite their familiar appearance, as the comic goes on, they’ll differentiate themselves as very different people.

Earthguard reads left to right, like American comics, but it’s written very much with a manga flair. I hope you guys like it!