Man, this week was only four days long but it seemed to stretch on for forever. Work on chapter 2 is now progressing reasonably well. There’ll probably be a gap in updates between chapters, but hopefully it won’t be too long. Meanwhile I’m working overtime on Out of This World and Barflys. It feels good to have a goal to be working towards. Hopefully it’ll lead me to some conventions by this time next year.

Finished compiling the numbers for C@PComics. We’ve had some nice growth since last year (we’ve finally broken 1/3 of a million page view a year!) And although it’s small overall (in terms of the internet,) it’s enough to know there are those of you out there who keep reading.

Earthguard, of course needs all the support it can get, so make sure to vote for us, and to recommend us to others. It’ll make it easier to push forward on new chapters in the long run. I’m hoping to add a synopsis and character bio page in the next couple days. I honestly perfer to let the story speak for itself really, but I’d like to give you guys a little background into what’s going on. If you see them up before I blog again consider them spoilers, so only read it if you don’t mind me laying the whole story out for you ^-^

Have a great weekend everyone!