Ok, I know I promised to get a synopsis and character bio’s up earlier…and I didn’t do it… but I totally promise it’s happening this weekend. And I’m going to get Out of this World’s website fixed. AND I’m going to THINK about what I want to do for My Li’l Zombies.  I have tons to do and I need to stop procrastinating.


There’s about a hundred things I could point out that I love about this page. Like how Mylo’s distant hand is a little blurry in the last panel to make it look further away. Or how Wati got a fish-eye angle look on panels 2 and 3. But I also want to beam with a little pride myself for the onomatopoeia (especially in panel 3.) I’m not as experienced at lettering as I should be, so I was quite diligent about getting this to look right.