Eons ago two warring races took to the skies. The parasitic NME sought to dominate all other species in the universe, but their benevolent symbiotic cousins, the SP, rallied to oppose them. For centuries now, exceptional humans have allied themselves with trained SP to protect their planet from rogue NME who seek to destroy them. They are the Earthguard. Jak Larson and Mylo Frontier have been juggling a low profile Earth life with their duties as Earthguard since they can remember, but maintaining control over the North American territory has been more and more challenging since their leading officer was lost some months ago. When more and more dangerous NME begin to threaten the planet, they’re forced to seek a new recruit urgently. Because of Jak’s strict “No Girls Allowed” policy Mylo’s classmate Leona is determined to gain entrance to their “club” regardless of her ignorance to what’s really going on.


Jak Larson (SP Gurlag Brenten)

As Earthguard, both Mylo and Jak often have a hard time forming connections with other humans and are unconcerned with daily human drama. This manifests itself in different ways based on their personalities.Jak remains quiet and aloof with normal students, and is hardly more talkative even with other Earthguard members. He is diligent in his studies but remains below the radar at school. His SP had a host prior to Jak, and this personality has affected him. He acts like a veteran, preferring actions to words. He is not emotional or depressed; he merely takes his job as an Earthguard very seriously, and considers himself a soldier. Jak fights with dual laser guns which he has also been trained in how to strike

Mylo Frontier (SP Garrett Spalt)

Unlike Jak, Mylo takes nothing seriously. The drama around him at school seems absurd to him and this manifests itself in his laissez-faire attitude. Despite being a bit of a goof-off and a comedian Mylo is also hyper-competitive. While he does not take normal activities like school seriously at all, he is monomaniacal about his training. His parents were killed in an NME attack before he knew them. He was raised by Jak’s family, but always felt like he missed a familial bond. He has taken his oath to protect the Earth to heart, and has made it his individual life goal. He loves to fight, and to test his strength against others, but is not discouraged when he loses, it only makes him more determined to get better. Mylo fights using martial arts, although he has access to several different types of armor for when he gets in situations where direct contact with his enemies is impossible.